Packing Under Pressure

Why? I have been traveling the roadways and airways most of my life. Frequently. So why is it that at my age (never mind) I still don't pack until the night before or day of any adventure?

I'd like to say it is because I have an artistic nature and don't want to tie myself down to a few select outfits. Or, I choose to step back and think through all the activities and re-evaluate my options. Yeah, that sounds good. Or, perhaps I am still wearing or washing few choice pieces that must go into the suitcase.

Everyone of those are true in part (rationalizations for my reality), but the truth is...I live for the thrill of panic I seem to get those last few hours before my next adventure. Yes. I am a practicing procrastinator.

I leave tomorrow to see 2 of my most favorite people in the world. They are graduating! Congratulations you crazy kids!

I have been home all day today  (Sunday) and all day Friday. I just started my packing at 8pm this evening. I am done now, at 9pm, with all but the morning prep essentials packed (which reminds me...I need to repack to have room for those items). So here I go again.
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Reading more into it.

I just love a good book. Not a great book, because a great book stands alone and lets you ponder possibilities. A great book will suck you in so quickly that you won't have time to think about how you feel until later. A great book will tell you how to think or feel and we go with it, because it feels good to give up our own thoughts for a while, to know that everyone else is thinking the same thing, because they too are sucked right in. A great book is good on occasion, but a good book...

A good book is like a new friend. You start out curious, what is the back story, who are the characters, will you like them? Then, it draws you in, giving you the opportunity and the responsibility to invest as much or little of yourself into the storyline as you choose. This allows you to walk away at some point, while still having questions. Later, you can return and pick up right were you left off having contemplated what you knew so far, having thought about your own reactions to any given situation introduced thus far.

The greatest thing about a good book is a sequel, another chapter to follow, letting you in a little bit more. Cross-over characters or storylines. When you meet someone you like, someone you connect with, you are draw back to them over and over. If they never said anything new, why go back? There wouldn't be anything worth investing in. A sequel or spin of has already laid the groundwork for the type of relationship you will have with any future storylines.

What attracts us to the individual stories differs due to our personalities, life experiences and most importantly why we are reading. Are you escaping to a new world, escaping from your real life or just checking out another view on something? For me it depends on my day, my mood and sometimes, regretfully, my selection of choices.

How do you read? Why do you read? What do you read? 

I can love a cheesy storyline just as easily as a deep plot twist. A laugh is just as appealing as bloodshed, sadness can be just as moving as love, depending on my mood.

PS - I love how spell check doesn't like "storylines". My options are: story lines, story-lines, or storyline... Go figure.


a journalist I am not...

So here I go...a new adventure. I always started Journals as a child. I loved to think my thoughts were groundbreaking and important. Then I would read them back and inevitably edit them to dust afraid someone else would read them and judge me in some way. So here I go...rambling about whatever i can come up with to the general public. This has got to be what it feels like to Streak n'ked through the halls at your high school. The trepidation in your heart, right next to the slight thrill of finally doing something crazy you can't take back. No Do-Overs. Just putting it all out there for anyone to see.

I can see where the effects could be cathartic. Not that I am quiet or shy, I certainly find ways to talk about myself daily, even if I don't mean to. Here? Now? This is all about me, baby. :) No spell check? Eep!

Gone are the days of passing notes in class. I used to get lots of notes in class, until in 2nd grade, I started editing what was sent to me (you know, circling misspellings and writing them correctly above the words), and then responding on the same piece of paper, to ensure they knew they were being corrected. I really was clueless as too the effect criticism, in even it's smallest forms, can offer. Needless to say (but I'm going say it anyway) I didn't get a lot of notes after that. If I was invited somewhere it was verbally. If someone wanted to share something with me, they did it out loud. And they told me about the notes they passed to each other, not wanting me to read them in my editor mode.

Oh, well, not a child anymore. Learning to except others aren't as driven in this area. Still ruffles my feathers when misspell or don't edit myself. Drives me nuts in small increments. Of course it's a short drive...

I am in love! They have spell check!

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