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jomos_aunt's Journal

26 October
I am a believer in Miracles, Faith, and Family. I go through times where I have a hard time meeting new people because as much as I enjoy getting to know them, I really don't like talking about me...the whole Q&A of getting to know someone seems repetitive and lame. However, that rare gem of a friendship you make with someone through shared experiences, real emotions, or laughter, those are the priceless ones, the ones you feel are worthy of the investment. I live for those moments, those friendships. I am surely not the only one. Why ask someone about their day if you don't care? Habits of what our parents considered courtesy seem to stay with us. My favorite thing to say is I love you (and mean it), yet my biggest fear is actually falling in love (and all the emotional commentment and investing and risk). My own brother has been in love Constantly, as long as I can remember, although the focus of his love changed many times over the years. He has never been afraid to invest in another and I admire that about him.